Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sex Education, Simplified For Everyone

I have only posted the intended main contents of the blog below. the details will be posted soon.

(Just the Gist)

I. Sex and Sexuality
I. a. Facts and Beliefs
I. b. Science and Religion
I. c. Why is there misinformation and lack of factual informaton in the society?

II. Human Body vis-a-vis Sexuality (SEuk clips on male and female anatomy)
II. a. Female Body
II. b. Male Body
II. c. Nudity

III. Sexual Arousal
III. a. Masturbation
III. b. Sexual Orientation
III. c. Sexual Behavior

IV. Gender
IV. a. Male, Female, Transgender, Transsexual
IV. b. Facts & Myths about Gender, Sexual Orientation and Sexual Behavior

V. Sexual Acts
V. a. Safer Sex & Safest Sex
V. b. STDS and STIs
V. c. Oral Sex
V. d. Frotting & Mutual Masturbation
V. e. Sexual intercourse : Vaginal and Anal Intercourse
V. f. Orgasm
V. g. G-spot & the Perinium

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sex Education made FUN & EASY

Sex Education & Entertainment
Made Simple & Easy For A Better Understanding
of Human Sexuality

This blog aims to edutain, i.e. educate & entertain you about Human Sexuality so as to empower and enable you to make wiser life decisions based on FACTS rather than on false traditional beliefs.

The format is made very simple (e.g. Q & A format_) that can be described in three words : Accurate, Brief and Concise (ABC)that will reveal only the ESSENTIAL & USEFUL information (JUST THE GIST) about each topic and investigation.


WIKIPEDIA ARTICLES on Important Terminologies

The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality

The Sexologies:
European Journal of Sexual Health (Revue Européenne de Santé Sexuelle) - the official journal for the European Federation of Sexology (EFS). OFFICIAL WEBSITE: ; OFFICIAL JOURNAL PAGE: